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Calcite | Level 5

Updated the email address in SASMC --> Configuration Manager --> SAS Application infrastructure

Right Click for Properteries.

Settings --> Notifications

Recipient of administrative messages.

Added the correct email address but the one in the Catalina.out log does not match the one listed here.

This is the Catalina.out log from SASServer1_1 - there must be a second place to update the email address.


Can someone point me to the documentation for updating this email address?



Calcite | Level 5

It appears that the Search Interface to SAS Content 3.6 will need to be updated as well.


SAS Employee

For the WebApps it is present in the various server.xml's in the Web/WebAppServer*/conf directories as well as in some metadata configuration files.



You might consider running the SDM changehost to update the references - if the mailhost was a unique host and you can blindly replace the old name with the new name anywhere it's found.

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