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Obsidian | Level 7

We are upgrading to a newer version of SAS and I need to do an audit to confirm that all our metadata items (and contents, like the export definition columns and format)  have been migrated correctly.

The metadata items were created in SAS Management Console  :

Application Management

Application Resources

Campaign definitions
Communication definitions
Export definitions
Business Context
Custom Groups
Custom Tags
Information Map Metadata
Custom Diagram Tools (Custom Nodes)
Response Definitions
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Barite | Level 11

You are asking an impossible question. There is that much data and information being transferred you never can tell nothing has been missed. It is more easy to find something that has been missed.
The questions I can see are:

- your new system should work according to requiements. That is a technical en functional test as separate approach

- Your data should be migrated to new locations. It should be verified within an isolated environment (no external connections).

  This is a similar question as can you backup/restore your system. When you cannot answer and give a proof for that why would you do an audit on that.

- With new versions the real implementation changes. It is a new version.

  What you can do after all functionality is verified is checking/verifying visual at some random chosen metacontent whether all is there with the metadatabrowsers.

There is a product metadcoda that is helpful on the generic metadata content not the dedicated solutions ones.

Building your own extraction programs is possible but will need a lot of work.     

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