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Fluorite | Level 6

Dear All,


I have to apply security patches and need to take snapshot and back up of whole system for SAS 9.4M6.


As I have taken the system recently, please can anyone help if we can use the sasadm@saspw user which has unrestricted access for security and hot-fixes?


I was looking on the SAS site and it said not to use sasadm@saspw as it will have unrrestricted access and can cause issue for Enterprise Guide access to metadata from SMC. Sorry, I am not able to find the link.

Do we have any restriction, if yes, can a normal administer like me use my own account and apply security patches and hot-fixes.


Any pointers or help will be great.


Best Regards 

Super User

sasadm@saspw is an internal user, present only in SAS metadata. You cannot log on to the operating system with it.

You must use the SAS installation user to perform hotfixes and updates, not your personal access.

Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks Kurt for the quick response.


I was told that I need sasadm@saspwd, as never did a Security patch or Hot-Fix installation. 

Just may be a trivial question for you. Administratorsuser.txt is where tI can find the SAS Installation User details? And, if you doin't mind what are the usual naming conventions for it as I might need to reset the password.



Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks Kurt, all vanished before me coming and taking up with zero documentation.


Thank you very much!

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