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Hi All,


I am trying to schedule flow using Schedule Manager from SAS SMC. My flow needs to run only after it receives a file at perticular location.

I select Add File Event option, but to select location I am not able select browse button as it is in disabled mode.


Can anyone please suggest what might be wrong? Which config file needs to be changed.


We are using SAS9.4 M2 release on grid environment,and using Platform Manager 9.1.2.


Please let me know in case any more information is needed.

Diamond | Level 26 RW9
Diamond | Level 26

I would suggest you post your question in the relevant sub-forum.  This one is for comments and ideas about this Community site.  You would need to reach those people who use that software.


This works for me with the same SAS setup and versions. It is most likely a permissions issue.


A couple of things to try:


Ensure your user name is a member of the groups SAS Administrators and LSF Services in SMC user metadata.


If that doesn't work try adding your user to the Metadata servers - Unrestricted group. 

Obsidian | Level 7



Just a comment about using 'Unrestricted': if that solves the problem then it's a metadata permissions issue, but I would strongly recommend against using that as a workaround, since the user would then have permission to change *anything* in the environment. So if it 'solves' the problem, work back to find a lower-grade permission group that allows you to do this.


One (maybe obvious) thing to check: are you in a group that has 'Job Execution: Job Scheduler' role assigned? apologies if you've already checked that but sometimes the obvious is overlooked...





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