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Hi @MargaretC,


Following up your post from last year: Important Performance Considerations When Moving SAS Applications to the Amazon Cloud

When designing a Viya/AWS platform, are there guides/templates to assist knowing what AWS architecture to provision for which SAS Viya components?


I realise it's a "how long is a piece of string?" question, but even for a standard "vanilla" platform, offering EGuide for programming & basic querying & reporting, and Visual Analytics for exploration & reporting on both local & relational data?




SAS Employee

It depends on what parts of SAS Viya you are looking to use.  If you are looking to only do reporting with VA or VAAR, then you can use any instance type that you would like that has internal fast drives to be used for CAS_Disk_Cache.   For more analytical uses of SAS Viya, we recommend that you use the AWS EC2 i3 instance types that have internal NVMe drives.


The SAS Real Time Processing Environment will need to be setup like you would do any SAS Compute instance (we recommend the AWS EC2 i3 instance type). 


The microservices node needs to be a memory intensive instance type.


Do you need more details?  If so, send me an email.




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