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Quartz | Level 8

Hi all,

There is a possibility of creating spk files from command line(or bat file), using export command like that:

ExportPackage -profile "profname" -package ...-objects "/folder1/folder2(Folder) /folder1/folder2/tabname(Table)..."

But if there a re a lot of jobs/tables to export - export command will be long and exceed maximal line length of command:~8192 chars.

So is there some workaround? I suppose that should be possibility put some file with parameters instead of listing each parfameter separately, but don't see such possibilitie from SAS documentation regarding batch export:

From another hand, if make spk package manually from DI studio for example, it allows to create spk from many meta-objects without any issues, so probably should be some possibility to do it also from batch export command...


Barite | Level 11

The reason the DI works is because someone adjusted the memory setting for the JVM (java virtual machine). The virtual machine is running out of space.

SAS(R) 9.3 Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide, Second Edition

I would expect in the batch approach the same kind of setting is needed. I cannot find that. -> TS?

---->-- ja karman --<-----
Quartz | Level 8

Hi Jaap,

You are probably right, on machine where batch export executes should be same kind of setting as on JVM.

I looked to link you provided, there are only hint how to increaze memory(from 512 to 1024 etc.), but it hasn't any influance on size limitation on command line length, that is reason of issue in my case.

For now I'll probably will automatically split big commands(>8kb) on smaller and therefore will create smaller spks from smaller bat files(<8kb), but offcource better will be do skip that additional work, so probably will also write to tech support, as you adviced.


Barite | Level 11

For the JVM part: the ini files with the xmx setting are in that location where you found that batch procedure.

SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide, Third Edition ( You can execute the SAS Intelligence Platform batch tools on any machine where the SAS Platform Object Framework is installed). SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide, Third Edition There is nog file input option.

That command line of 8kb is more bothersome. It is not a SAS problem/limitation but one on the OS-level.

Yes I hit that one also and at first not understanding it.

The best approach would be:

- having a well defined folder structure for the business environment for each business application

- The requirement of no changes being allowed after migration of all artifacts of an application

- When a business application is to be deployed then delete all artifacts and import all what has been made.

Just to get a exact copy of the development environment with no involved surprised.

At testing (T and A) you can eliminate all issues before doing that in a prod environment.           

---->-- ja karman --<-----
Barite | Level 11

@Yura2301 - I also had this problem, but in fact - the command CAN be longer than 8191 characters, it's just that for some reason WINDOWS will remove a single character. 


Weird - I know.


I created a workaround for this and posted it here:


Essentially you have to insert a dummy character at the 8191 position.

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