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Obsidian | Level 7


when double clicking on a SAS program or using the right click - open with sas 9.4, I get this message.  It doesn't happen everytime a program is opened.  

After you click ok and terminate sas, trying to open the program again may or may not work.  Sometimes it will take three or four tries before it opens successful.  any ideas why this is happening?

Super User

Double clicking where? in what program?

Windows file explorer? - Blame it on windows inconsistency.

Do you really have to terminate SAS?

Is the file on your local computer, a network drive or some other file share system?



Obsidian | Level 7

Double clicking in windows explorer.  Yes, SAS needs to be terminated before attempting to reopen a program.

this happens for programs on my desktop as well as servers.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @HN2001 ,


this seems to a problem with the SASDM, the Enhanced Editor on Windows. I have seen this issue in the past due to several reasons. I could imagine there is something wrong on a library (mainly when you use a non-English language/locale) or the Windows Registry.


I would suggest the following approaches, in order. If one works, you won't need to take the following ones:


1- Check the latest hotfixes available for your installation, and install if any is relevant to your issue.

2- Reinstall SAS

3- Check the following SAS notes 

4- Contact SAS Tech Support


Of course, you can contact SAS Tech Support right away, the steps are only there because perhaps they could give you quick solutions to your problem.



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