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Calcite | Level 5

Hi All,


I am trying to submit contents of a ".sas" file to a SAS Workspace Server from a Java program running on a separate Linux box, using Language Service available in Java Connection Factory.


If I am just using Java Connection Factory, is it absolutely necessary that I have the SAS Foundation Services installed on my client Linux box? I am looking for a way by which I can avoid installation of SAS Foundation Services on my client Linux box, and be done by including the necessary JARs on classpath. If I do not need an installation of SAS Foundation Services, what are the set of JARs which I should place on my classpath for using Java Connection Factory?


Just to give context, I am looking to build a docker image hosting a web-application, which can submit SAS scripts uploaded into the application. I would like to build my docker image just containing the required JARs to be able to use Java Connection Factory. Hence the requirement of not installing the SAS Foundation services.


Thanks for reading, appreciate any responses.

Please let m know if any clarification is required.







Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @rajak,


I developed Java apps for SAS, and it depends on what you would like to achieve. Let me explain:


- If you are developing a Java web app (J2EE), you will need to deploy the SAS middle tier (SAS Web Applications), that will include SAS Found. Services and the Remote Services. And, eventually, if you would like a good framework to develop Java apps for SAS, you would like to purchase SAS AppDev Studio, but not required.


- In other hand, if you only want to connect to a SAS Workspace Server through a SAS Metadata connection, the only component that you really need to have installed where Java will run, is the SAS integration Technologies (that will require a license from SAS). That is the basic requirement to make any client connection to a SAS Workspace Server. You can read the docs here:

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