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Calcite | Level 5


We want to try the AML 8.3 new function, the AML 7.1 to AML 8.3 alert migration.
The SAS® Anti-Money Laundering 8.3: Administrator’s Guide documnet mentioned two files for the migration (amlcmn.tgz and, but I don't find them. Anyone knows, where I can get them?

"Extract the appropriate MIG- script from the amlcmn TGZ file. "
"Download the file."

Thanks, Jácint

Fluorite | Level 6


I was looking on how to move from existing AML in SAS 9.4 platform to  SAS Viya. I was not able to find any supporting documents. Do you know is it possible or not and where can i find the documentation


Opal | Level 21

afaik such a move would also require a migration to the more recent SAS AML Viya version. Such a migration is certainly worth it to take advantage of new functionality.

To get you onto the right path it's likely best for you to get in contact with your local SAS office.

Calcite | Level 5

Hi Jacint,


Is this migration instructions works for AMl 7.2 version as well.

Please kindly confirm

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