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WUSS: SAS Macro Quoting: Learning the Skills of a Macro Developer


The Western Users of SAS® Software (WUSS) is a non-profit organization that exists to support local SAS® software users groups within the western region.  


In lieu of an annual conference, WUSS is offering an extensive menu of online training classes throughout 2021 and early 2022. 


Registration is now open for:SAS Macro Quoting: Learning the Skills of a Macro Developer


Attending this seminar that will give people the skills to move from being a macro writer to macro developer by understanding macro quoting. It works through more macro quoting examples than exist an all other online materials – combined.

This seminar focuses on using examples, and animated PowerPoints of the internal workings of the SAS system, to make words in the documentation clear and understandable. This seminar is effective for several reasons. Firstly, pictures/maps of the system are easier to understand than words when establishing relationships among system components. Secondly, a programmer must understand the sequence, and timing, of the steps in macro quoting in order to write/debug macros. This is best communicated as a series of “detailed moving images” that show the states of different parts of the system.

The moving graphical presentation has several advantages:

  • The picture of the process allows a reader to “check their understanding”. If the picture agrees with an attendee’s understanding of the words, the concept has been understood. If the attendee wants to ask questions, the map/picture allows the attendee to ask very specific/focused question and get answers that address their point of confusion.
  • This graphic presentation of the material helps bridge language barriers (I’ve done this in China 3 times). When English skills are lacking, the picture provides a second channel of communication.
  • The macro quoting process is complex and understanding/learning the process requires a student “hold the state of the system in their memory.” Using pictures of the system greatly reduces the mental complexity (human memory needs) of the learning process.


Please click here to view the lineup of online training classes and register!

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