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BASUG virtual webinar by Art Carpenter

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A Jurassic Programmer or 'Hey ya wanna buy a semicolon?' by Arthur L. Carpenter


Through the eyes of a statistician and self-taught SAS programmer, this talk includes an incomplete history of SAS starting from before the invention of the semi-colon. Excerpts from papers presented through the years will be used to provide the historical context. Along the way you may learn the answers to such profound questions as ‘Where is the eastern most point in the United States’, and ‘Do they accept US currency in Alaska?’.


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Event has ended
You can no longer attend this event.

Wed, Feb 28, 2024 12:00 PM EST
Wed, Feb 28, 2024 01:00 PM EST
Super User

Thanks for posting, @ShelleySessoms .  We're super excited that one of our talent spies at WUSS managed to recruit Art to give an encore webinar of his WUSS keynote!  And this also means we will get to add Art to our video archives!

BASUG is hosting free webinars Next up: Mark Keintz presenting History Carried Forward, Future Carried Back: Mixing Time Series of Differing Frequencies on May 8. Register now at the Boston Area SAS Users Group event page:
Onyx | Level 15

I can't recommend this talk highly enough! Listening to Art wander through the decades is pure gold!!