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If you’ve read anything about this year’s Curiosity Cup, you’ve probably seen the words “Industry Professionals” used to describe the judges. It begs the question: What industries are they from?  


Great question. 


If you took your best guess, you’d probably be right. That’s because our team of judges has representation from the world's largest and most lucrative industries. There are data scientists and analysts in software, insurance, banking, energy, telecom, consulting, and lots more! Despite their diverse backgrounds, they all have one thing in common: Each is a SAS expert who knows their way around a data set. 


This may sound daunting. Fear not!  


While they may be experts in their field, these judges have all agreed to participate because they are passionate about setting up the next generation of data scientists and analysts for success. So, think of The Curiosity Cup as a proving ground—a chance to test your data skills against the industry standard and against dozens of other young analytics enthusiasts across the world.  


The SAS Curiosity Cup only has an upside! Congratulations on finishing your papers. As you wait to hear about the next round, be hopeful and, as always, stay curious. Your judges will follow suit! 




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