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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi everyone, 


I have a problem with sending data from Apache NiFi to the Source window in ESP. 

Field "Record Schema" is required, but not sure what to input there. 


That question mark gives me an explanation about the field that I'm not really getting:

Record Schema

The AVRO schema for input records. If the schema is not set, it generates an AVRO schema from the publish target Source window in the ESP model.

You can get the AVRO schema from a running event stream processing model through the REST interface.


What is AVRO schema and how to run ESP model through the REST interface?




Any help is welcomed. Thanks in advance

SAS Employee

You can get the AVRO format of an ESP window's schema using this REST request:



Substitute the window name you are trying to publish to for xxxxx.  


But if the Record Schema isn't specified, ESP should connect to the running project and obtain the schema for you.  Is the ESP project up when you try to start the processor, it should connect ok.  What error message do you get?

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi @AndyT_SAS


Sorry, I could not answer earlier, I was on a trip.


Here is the screenshot



And yes, ESP engine is started, the project is started, data is coming if I ingest it from files (after created files from Nifi, because PutESP wasn't working). 


Thanks for your responses, It means a lot to me.


Best regards,


SAS Employee

Hi Sinisa,

I'm not sure what is happening here.  I'm going to create a track for you and we can investigate it from there.  You will get an email from the track. 



Obsidian | Level 7

Thanks Andy, I will answer the questions from the track as soon as I sit in front of my laptop.

Also, I have something else to ask, it is more logical about windows in ESP, which should I use in my particular situation. I have to open a new question, not to ask in this one?

Thank you very much, once again.

SAS Employee

I would open a new question.  That way the discussions don't get confusing for someone else who finds this thread in the future.

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