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Quartz | Level 8

Hi all,


I'm trying to set a project into Event Stream Processing Studio with the ESP 5.2 version.


On the system the services are correctly running and I started the dfesp_xml_server with the logging options:

./dfesp_xml_server -pubsub 5000 -http 5001 -loglevel common.http=trace -logconfig "/data/sas/viya/config/etc/SASEventStreamProcessingEngine/default/esp-logger.xml" &


I have to use an oracle connector for publishing/subscripting and in my project I configured the input connector with database connector:






The problem is when I try to start my test, because I have an information popup which shows me this message "Could not start connector".


I tried to start the dfesp_db_adapter from command line, but I have the same message into the linux console:


dfesp_db_adapter -c "driver=oracle;uid=myID;pwd=myPW;path=dbIP/service" -k pub -h dfESP://localhost:5001/db_sub/cq_01/tradesWindow -j debug

license ID: <xxxxxxxxx-0175xxx31>
license ID: <xxxxxxxxx-0175xxx31>
Connector failed to start
Could not start connector


I noticed also that in the logging path (in my configuration xml file ) I haven't any log.


Any ideas?

Is it a configuration problem or what?


Thank you very much.








SAS Employee

There are normally error messages that go with the "connector failed to start".  The DB connector/adapter will try to connect to the database as part of the start up process.  

This could be because of how the logging is set up.  What do you have configured in the esp.logger file?

Quartz | Level 8

I used this note to configure logging:


What I’m trying to understand is why the ESP studio tells me that could not import the connectors.



SAS Employee

ESP Studio is reflecting the message from the ESP XML server about the connector not starting.  Can you try running without the -logconfig option to see if there are any additional messages about the connector not starting?  

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