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I have been wrestling in understanding how ESP file system adapter reads data from XML file.  I have a xml file for example:




My current understanding is that tags <event><events> cannot be nested inside another tag. They must be first tags. Am I correct? Because when I remove <document> tag then ESP can read XML succesfully.

Second observation: if I have a nested tag inside event tag then ESP will read values inside those tags not tags and values. For example 


will be read as 

<value name='dog'>




But when I include <![CDATA[    ]]> between <dog> and </dog> then tags and values are read correctly.


<value name='dog'>


This second approach allows me to use functional window and parse nested XML. My aim is to understand if it's possible to read XML generated by third party application or do I need to have some requirements in place for that application so it produces XML that ESP can read.

SAS Employee

If your input XML format does not match ESP standard input event XML format, then the best practice is to use your 2nd approach, parsing it in a functional window.  

Hope this helps


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