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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi everyone,

could anyone please tell me how to do a sample size calculation for the difference between 2 lab tests? see this link for further info on what I want to do



Thank you



Jade | Level 19

Hi @ammarhm,


Luckily, the full text of the paper containing the sample size formula is only three mouse clicks away from the MedCalc web page you refer to. The formula is not given in closed form, though. But even if you don't have a SAS/OR license to solve this equation, you can still use a Base SAS implemented solver. I have had positive experiences with macro %Bisect, which is presented in this SESUG 2007 paper.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
Thanks @FreelanceReinhard. I appreciate your time writing a reply to my question, and I hope you (or anyone else) dont think I am being rude here, but honestly, i am not sure how to use your reply in answering my question...
Jade | Level 19
  1. Did you find the paper Lu et al. (2016) containing the sample size formula?
  2. Since you are going to do a sample size calculation, I hope that you can make sense of a sample size formula. Or are you only familiar with point-and-click tools for sample size calculation?



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