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Pyrite | Level 9 Tal
Pyrite | Level 9

Can anyone please recommend a good book for statistical reporting with SAS,something good for SAS beginners?


Diamond | Level 26

"statistical reporting" is somewhat vague, can you give examples?

Paige Miller
Pyrite | Level 9 Tal
Pyrite | Level 9

SAS/Stat ,is this still vague?

Pyrite | Level 9 Tal
Pyrite | Level 9

or stat procedures,...  dont know how else to describe this

Quartz | Level 8

If you are in clinical field, I would strongly recommend -

Common Statistical Methods for Clinical Research with SAS Examples by Glenn A. Walker.

This book almost covers all SAS Stat procedures applicable in clinical trials.

SAS Employee

I work in the SAS Publications Division. I am not sure if this is what you are looking for. Here is a list of all the Procedures in SAS/STAT.

Here is a book on the Statistical Graphics Procedures you may want to check out. Statistical Graphics Procedures by Example: Effective Graphs Using SAS

Calcite | Level 5

I think these books may help you:

  1. A Handbook of Statistical Analysis Using SAS , Geoff Der and Brian S. Everitt , Chapman & Hall/CRC
  2. A Step By Step Approach To Using SAS For Univariate And Multivariate Statistics , Norm O'Rourke and Larry Hatcher and Edward J. Stepanski , SAS Publishing
  3. Basic Statistics Using SAS Enterprise Guide, Geoff Der and Brian S. Everitt, SAS Publishing
  4. SAS Essentials: Mastering SAS For Research , Alan C. Elliott and Wayne A. Woodward , Wiley Published Jossey-Bass
  5. SAS Guide to Report Writing Examples , Michele M. Burlew , SAS Publishing
  6. Elementary Statistics Using SAS , Sandra D. Schlotzhauer , SAS Publishing
Pyrite | Level 9 Tal
Pyrite | Level 9

i was particularly interested in the regressions (linear,multiple,logistic and polynomial ) but thanks for the list of suggested books

Calcite | Level 5

In "Regression and ANOVA , An Integrated Approach Using SAS Software, Keith E. Muller and Bethel A. Fetterman , SAS Publishing":

  • Linear and multiple regression - chapters 1 to 5
  • Polynomial Regression - chapter 9

In "SAS for Linear Models, Ramon C. Littell, Walter W. Stroup and Rudolf J. Freund , SAs Publishing":

  • Regression - Chapter 2
  • Logistic and Probit Regression - Chapter 10

In "Categorical Data Analysis Using The SAS System, Maura E. Stokes and Charles S. Davis and Gary G. Koch , SAS Publishing":

  • Logistic Regression - Chapter 8-10
  • Poisson Regreesion - chapter 12
Calcite | Level 5

How do you rate "Discovering Statistics Using SAS" for one who has SAS programming experience and want to learn about statistics.


The book is a SAS version of teh author's popular book "Discovering Statistics Using SPSS."  He admits that he doesn't know SAS, so he brought in a co-author to write the sections that involve SAS syntax.

There is not much programming. The data are analyzed with standard SAS/STAT procedures such as TTEST, GLM, and MIXED.  The book is an easy to read text book for social scientists, and is not heavy on the math (for example, I don't think there are any matrix equations.).

The author is British and there is a lot of British humor. The tone is irreverant and a lot of examples involve sex, drugs, and other topics that psychologists and social scientists study.  I thought it was funny and fun to read, but conservative readers should beware.

A typical chapter might have 15 pages of theory/explanation before the SAS code appears. Then there is a few pages that discuss how to interpret the output.  Sidebars include potential pitfalls.

If I was teaching myself elementary statistics, I think I would enjoy reading this book.  You won't get a deep understanding, but you'll get a solid foundation and an appreciation for the subject.

Calcite | Level 5

Thanks much Rick for your response. I should give it a try. Smiley Happy

Community Manager

Dinesh, I just noticed that answered your inquiry in this forum! Hope you enjoy the title he recommends. Thank you for using SAS Online Communities!

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