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Hello SAS Community,

I am seeking guidance on how to graphically display a multiple linear regression line with a binary*continuous interaction using PROC SURVEYREG.

My model is as follows:

model continuous_outcome = predictor1 (continuous) + predictor2 (continuous) + predictor3 (continuous) + gender (binary)*predictor1 + genderpredictor2 + gender*predictor3 + covariates (continuous + categorical);


My goal is to create multiple graphs to visualize the main effects of the predictors and gender, as well as the interaction effects.


Unfortunately, I am currently unable to test the code myself as the SAS Studio is undergoing scheduled maintenance.


If anyone has experience with this type of analysis and graphing approach, I would greatly appreciate if you could share helpful links, code snippets, or any guidance that could assist me in achieving this visualization.


Any insights or recommendations would be invaluable in helping me effectively present and interpret the results from this moderated regression analysis.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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