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Calcite | Level 5
My requirement is get  add N, number of events and median for the Univariate table that I am working on ? 
do you which option would give me Median , N and number of events ? 
 My  code looks like this below 
    ODS listing close;
    Ods output          ParameterEstimates= PE  modelanova = Anova ;
    proc phreg data = compl  ;
        class  Sex  (ref= 1) ;
        model AVAL*ACENFLN(1) = Sex / risklimits  ;
*        baseline  out =   mean survival = survival ;
    ODS output close;
Super User

See this macro that I use sometimes, but its based on PROC LIFETEST.


  You’re trying to do something similar but with PROC PHREG. The table names can be found and captured using the following method:



Calcite | Level 5

Hello Reeza , 

Yes I did out all the datasets and tried to look into them , but neither I was able find in the tables that come out of ODS TRACE / OFF  I also tried BASELINE =    but was not able to find MEDIAN  value able to capture N , number of events from Censoredsummary  = 


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What is ANOVA?

ANOVA, or Analysis Of Variance, is used to compare the averages or means of two or more populations to better understand how they differ. Watch this tutorial for more.

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