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Calcite | Level 5

I am looking for some advice about interactions in SAS. 


I am running a MIXED linear model with categorical and continuous variables. I am trying to determine if there is a quadratic relationship in the variable labeled cat. Normally I would put cat*cat or cat|cat to try to get an interaction. But when I run that code, my output still doesn't have an interaction as one of my type 3 tests of fixed effects. Is there a different symbol to try? Does anyone have any advice? My log shows no error messages, but there must be something wrong. 


The code looks like this:


proc mixed data= allstock6 ; 
class robotnr yr2 week2 cat;
model Meal= ages week1 cat week2 cat*cat/ddfm=SATTERTH s; 
random pony week2(yr2) yr2;
repeated /type=ar(1) subject=pony;
lsmeans cat/diffs;


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

SAS Employee

If you want to treat CAT as a covariate, and model a linear and quadratic trend in CAT, then take CAT off the CLASS statement.  You cannot really interact a categorical variable with itself.

Calcite | Level 5

Wow, I felt dumb once I realized what I was doing. 

Thanks so much for the help!!



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