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Calcite | Level 5



I want to get the 'critical value for comparison' for Tukey-Kramer Test in Proc Plm, for main effect comparisons (three factors). Although, the proc plm output gives lettering between the treatments, but I need the critical value by which the lettering was actually done.


DATA details: 

I have split-split plot design, with three factors. ANOVA was calculated by Proc mixed method, and after that I employed Tukey test using lsmeans in Proc plm. 


I would be grateful if anyone can help me with my question, or suggest me the way/method so that I can calculate critical value for Tukey test using ANOVA details.


Attached are the screenshots of SAS code and the output file.


sas 3.pngsas 2.png

Diamond | Level 26

The formula for the critical value of the Tukey-Kramer test is given here:

The critical values of a studentized range distribution can be computed from the PROBMC function

Paige Miller
Calcite | Level 5

Thanks Paige Miller for your kind reply. I got the calculation method.


But still I want to know with surety that we can't get the critical value for tukey test in proc plm or proc mixed??? on the other hand, using proc glm this critical value for tukey test is easily available. 


Is there any other solution, that we can get this critical value without much effort in proc plm??? Many thanks.

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What is ANOVA?

ANOVA, or Analysis Of Variance, is used to compare the averages or means of two or more populations to better understand how they differ. Watch this tutorial for more.

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