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In a multiple comparison test, I'm trying to get SAS to calculate an LSD, an average LSD, or even the LSD it uses for each comparison.  I've read a couple of similar question/answers from 2012-2013--but I just can't get them to work. I get a nice table with the results of the test (i.e. "LS-means with the same letter are not significantly different").  (sorry, I don't know why it switched to bold and I don't know how to get it back.) But I want to know the LSD value SAS used to arrive at the conclusion the values are or are not significantly different.  Here is the code I used:

ods rtf file='171214-0929_lines.letters.rtf';

ods rtf select LSMlines;

PROC glimmix DATA=datain plots=studentpanel;BY Year;

CLASS Rep Genotype;

MODEL Yieldkgha = Genotype /DDFM=KR ;


LSMEANS Genotype /lines diff;

ods output diffs=lsr covparms=error lsmeans=means;


ods rtf close;


Could someone modify this to generate the LSD values? 

The '/lines diff" generates a nice table.  But I don't understand why it doesn't include more information about the multiple comparison tests.





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