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Calcite | Level 5

Dear All,


Please I need assistant regarding the "change point analysis" I want to perform. I have data in excel spreadsheet comprising columns for  years, volume, weight etc and I'm looking for particular command under "tasks" that would help me achieve to perform change point analysis on the spreadsheet data with some graph command to show the data behavior.  Could someone help me out with a comprehensive step-by-step explanation or lesson video link please.

Diamond | Level 26

You received an answer in your earlier question about Change Point Analysis here:


Let's use one thread for answers to this problem; do not post further comments or answers here; post it at the thread I linked to.

Paige Miller
SAS Employee

“Change point analysis” is a little bit of a vague term, but the following example from Proc MCMC might be a good place to start.  If this is what you ultimately want to do, then you would need to program it rather than use a point and click approach.

Calcite | Level 5

Thank you for the suggestion and your time, but what key phrase do you suggest I do use instead of the "change point analysis" may be it would help me find more information that could help. However, I will look at the MCMC and see how it works, though the videos I saw does not show the practical demonstration of these suggestion of the MCMC and try to program a data. I will just try to follow the example  in the link and see what comes out if it is meaningful.


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