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Calcite | Level 5

Hi, I have been using proc surveylogistic to analyze a binary outcome variable in a public dataset which requires sample weights. My syntax runs fine when I incorporate the weights and add my variables to the model. However, I actually wanted to build a sequential (hierarchical) model by which I first added covariates, then added my predictor in a second step to see what it adds to the model (in terms of R2) over and above the covariates. The way my model stands now I just see their effect all together which is not good from my theoretical standpoint.


After reading through the website, I see that proc logistic has an option / SEQ for accomplishing this type of model; however, I cannot use proc logistic because of my need for weighting. 


Is there a way to conduct a sequential logistic regression using surveylogistic? My only thought is to run separate regressions and just note the change in R2. But as a student, who is very new to statistics and to SAS, I don't know if this is proper to do? Are there other suggestions? Forgive me if the answer is obvious! TYIA.

Calcite | Level 5
As a follow up, after doing additional research I now seem to understand that adding my covariates and predictors into the model all at once will indeed "control for" the covariates. So the more specific problem I now have is that I would still like to get a p value and R2 for the separate parts of my model,
if possible. For example, in the past I have been able to use SPSS to get a change in R2 for the second set of variables and a p value associated with it.

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