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If you attended live, or will watch the on-demand version when you receive the link, I'd love your feedback on our first-ever SUGA Live.


What did you like? What could be better? We know some folks had issues with the slides not advancing, and we are checking on that with the vendor. Were the presentations helpful?


I'm interested in any and all feedback in order to make our next event even better.


Thanks for spending a few hours with us!

Meteorite | Level 14

Thanks Shelley for asking for feedback. I found the event engaging, informative, enjoyable and worthwhile to attend. I think seeing you and the presenters present via video stream in your home offices added to this. I felt having this personal touch added to the overall experience and delivery. Seeing you all talk and interact, the intonations, gestures and mannerisms when speaking provided the human connection we all enjoy during an in-person conference so having it at SUGA Live was great. Thanks for enabling this!!!


I did enjoy being able to text chat with others during the session and see the questions others were asking.


The content delivered seemed to be what attendees were wanting and evident through the "Ask Me Anything" session which I thought worked really well giving attendees an opportunity to ask their questions and all attendees to learn from the answers too. The hours went by so quickly!!!


I experienced issues with slides not advancing and would notice this when the presenter would reference something not the slide I was seeing. I had tried the tips provided to clear cache, refresh browser etc and was happy to just refresh the browser when I needed to as I wanted to continue hearing all the audio (refreshing meant I'd miss 5-10 seconds or so while it reloaded). I think because I felt I was having a personal experience, I continued watching live, otherwise I would have opted to see the recording afterwards.


It was certainly more engaging and interactive than the standard webinar style approach and I hope this style is considered for future virtual SAS events to provide a smidgen of the in-person experience we enjoy at past in-person conferences.


Thanks and congrats to all involved!

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