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Community Manager

Join our upcoming live administration workshop on SAS® Viya 3.5!


November 28, 2023: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. EST

November 29, 2023: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. EST


This workshop is open to all customers, geared towards administrators. It is free and virtual and will be recorded. If you are unable to attend but would still like access to the information, please register to get access to the recording and follow-up materials. The deadline to register is Friday, November 24, 2023, at 5:00pm EST! 


Understanding the SAS® Viya 3.5 architecture is key to tackling the tasks and responsibilities that come with SAS® administration. This administration workshop provides attendees with:


Day 1 – Best Practices:

  • SAS Viya vs. SAS 9.4
  • Understanding SAS Viya Architecture
  • Understanding Deployments
  • File System Navigation
  • Restarting SAS Viya
  • User Management
  • Introduction to CLI
  • Admin Resources


Day 2 – Admin. Tools:

  • SAS Viya Environment Manager
  • Overview of Scheduling
  • Security Overview
  • Hotfix and License Update
  • Backups
  • Data


Register for the workshop here! 

Quartz | Level 8

@ShelleySessoms This sounds exciting!

Can you provide a little details about the environment for the live administration in the final email for the event? Thanks



1. Cloud Service Provider (CSP) running on? (Azure, AWS, etc.)

2. SAS9 running Windows, Unix or Linux? 

3. SAS Viya running Windows or Linux?

4. Administration (Provider or Tenant)? 

5. Can we get some performance tuning insights for the various components ( Apache http server, files service, JRE, JDBC Connection pools, LDAP Connection pools, Report data service, SAS Cache Server, SAS CAS, SAS Infrastructure, message broker). 

6. I'd ask for CSP perf tips but that's probably too much for this session. 



Community Manager

Hi @Residentx10 . Let me ask the coordinator about this. Stay tuned.

SAS Employee

Hi @Residentx10

The upcoming SAS Viya 3.5 administration workshop is going to be more of a presentation on SAS Viya 3.5 rather than a full demo done in a particular environment. If you do have questions during the workshop, you will be able to ask our presenters during the workshop!


Thank you!

Quartz | Level 8

@frgill Then rename  this "SAS Viya 3.5 Overview" okay? 

Fluorite | Level 6

Any plan for Viya 4 Admin workshop?

SAS Employee

Hi @PierreDupuisD !

There is a SAS Viya 4 Administration Workshop in December. The information for this workshop will be posted in a few weeks!



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