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If you stop all tasks, sometimes one with respond with a status of  'stopping...' forever.  So, you have to kill the program, start up EG again and try to get back to where you were.  


So, if SAS can kill the task when exiting EG, why can't it just kill the task and allow me to continue?  Just kill the task immediately! No 'stopping...' message should ever appear.

Meteorite | Level 14

Especially, when stopping a job running against the databases says "Stopping......." for ever. 

Community Manager

For most running SAS jobs, SAS EG can issue a stop or "cancel" command to SAS and it stops immediately.  However, for some jobs with "tight loops" or work that's been delegated to a database, the Cancel command (Stop) doesn't register until that specific intense activity yields.  All of that to say...EG sends the Stop signal, but sometimes the backend session can't process it.  


That's when you get the behavior you're seeing -- EG's Stop command hasn't been acknowledged, so you're given the option to abandon the connection and quit EG anyway.  The SAS session will stop and end itself when it finally comes up for air and notices that there is no EG client connected.


I agree there is room for improvement on the behavior. 

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration