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Objects like sliders or Drop-Down Lists should automatically display the current e.g. month, week or day when the dataset is refreshed and filled with new dates. At the moment these objects do not display/select the latest month. The month that is choosen when a report is saved is always displayed when you open the report again. There should be an option to select, if the choosen month ist displayed or the latest.

Fluorite | Level 6

This idea could also be implemented with cursors when you select a specific range.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Suggestion Implemented

Thanks for your idea. Dynamic slider was implemented in SAS Visual Analytics 7.4 (See doc: Using Controls to Display Results, Specify Control Properties😞


For sliders, the Set value to dynamic minimum and Set value to dynamic maximum properties automatically adjust the slider to the minimum or maximum values in the current data query. These properties are available for only dates and measures.


And in 8.2, the drop-down list can initially select the first value - for example, the most recent date in your scenario. See doc: Drop-down list control, Initially select first item.