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It could be really nice if prompts allowed for changing the measures in graphs and tables. For example having a drop-down list with a range of various measures (budget and actual expenses) and choosing one simply changes the measure displayed in the linechart or having a list object with checkboxes allowing to choose which measures are to be displayed in a (cross)table.


Here is a blog that might be of interest:


Use parameters to pick your metric in Visual Analytics Reports


Obsidian | Level 7

Can confirm that it is possible to do this in a roundabout sort of way using the technique in the above post - but even so, this seems like a common enough request that an inbuilt option would be ideal

Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

A built-in feature of this is being considered for a future release.

SAS Employee

As an instructor who works with many customers onsite, I am seeing this request often - especially for use with Categories.  The posted link documents a usable workaround, but the mechanics are clunky and the concept is difficult (especially using existing data as a "dummy" filler for the Custom Category values).

My suggestion is to include a "New Report-Specific Data" option in the + menu, which currently allows New Hierarchy, New Calculated Item, etc.  This would provide a dialog box similar to the "URL Link" action dialog box that allows specifying a URL and a + sign to add multiple parameters and tie to an existing data item.

The dialog could have a text field for the developer to enter an Item Name (i.e. "Dynamic Measure" or "Category Values") and a + sign to add as many static labels as desired, with the *option* to associate with a Category or Measure.  There would be an implicit parameter associated with the item, which could be used to drive filters, roles, etc.

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Status changed to: Suggestion Implemented

As of SAS Visual Analytics 8.4, viewers can change data items (measures and categories) if the author enables it. Here's the latest doc link.