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I occasionally have mixed models that take more than 3 hours to converge. This was not a problem when Studio ran on my laptop in a virtual server. I could instead run it in the full SAS package, which I can access via my institution (Victoria University, Melbourne), but I have not bothered to install it since transitioning to Studio, mainly because I write programs for students to learn SAS and to run themselves, and it's far easier to do that via SAS ODA. So I envisage something in the preferences that allows a temporary extension to 12 or 18 hours, say (to allow a program to run overnight), which would automatically revert to the 6 hours when the session is terminated. Naturally you could monitor it for fair use.


By the way, it's not clear what the 3 hours of inactivity means.  If I have a program that runs for 4 hours, does that mean 4 hours of inactivity?



Jade | Level 19

 I imagine the inactivity being referred to is the absence of communication between the server and your browser client. If a particular step in your SAS program takes long enough, some traffic monitor (probably at the server, possibly between you and the server) has concluded that you have abandoned the session, and killed the connection.  This is regardless of whether active computing is taking place at the server on your behalf.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

A way to send a keepalive signal would be good, so the traffic monitor wouldn't think the session is inactive.  That would also be useful with the FTP filename engine.

Opal | Level 21

It would be worth asking SAS Tech Support if there are any timeout limits set in SAS ODA. Does it always timeout after exactly three hours?