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When double click/selecting text and when searching text(Ctrl-F), make it that Smart Highlighting is instantly applied to both Split screen panes on the double click or the "find" button push.  Currently it works like this only in the pane that is being interacted with.



[[poster uses 8.1 Update 1 ( (64-bit) and Win10 ]]

Super User

Is that EG 8.1? or are you referring to Base SAS?

Enhanced Editor usually refers to Base/Foundation SAS. 

Rhodochrosite | Level 12

Smart Highlighting and split screen are Editor features in EG - they are not in Foundation's Enhanced Editor.


I saw menu bar option in EG8: Program -> "Enhanced Editor keys" which is where I'm sure I picked up the name Enhanced Editor referring to the editor in EG.  Anyway Foundation's Editor is no longer deserving of the title, unfortunately, I say.


(I though Foundation's Enhanced Editor could do split screen, I'm having difficulty making that happen.  I don't use it much.


Rhodochrosite | Level 12

EG's editor is referred to as the Enhanced Editor in the "Enhanced Editor options" dialog: EG menubar:  Tools -> Options - >Editor Options (button).  

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration

I have added a feature request for this suggestion.