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Add Shewhart Charts as a template within VA for automatically generating control charts for dashboards

SAS Employee
Can you please provide more details on the actual visual type required and other expectations from control charts?
This will help us move in the right direction with the design and graph team and appropriately evaluate your suggestion for future consideration.
Obsidian | Level 7
Thank you for your interest and your request for more detailed requirements.

My department is responsible for providing support to the business in implementing process improvement projects, based on the guidelines outlined by the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI). We are heavy users of the SAS/QC module and want to standardize on SAS Visual Analytics as a platform for making quality control charts available to non-analysts to aid in training and self-service process chart development.

In addition to producing basic SPC charts, it would be helpful if the special cause functionality in SPC charts be included. We would also need phased control measures to be available. The automated analysis would also be helpful to assist with interpretation of the process being measured.

In healthcare we focus primarily on: P-charts for process measure compliance of clinical best practices; XmR or IR charts for outcome measures; and g-Charts for rare events (e.g infections; mortality). Since it is our organizations intention to make these methods and tools widely available to staff, Visual Analytics seemed to be the most viable platform for this purpose, along with the adoption of the VA suite of visualizations for elf-service dashboards. It is my intent to reduce the production of charts and visualizations by analysts so that they can focus on data quality, data curation, and analytic consulting/mentoring of managers.

SAS Employee

Thank you for sharing this supporting information. 

I've opened a feature request for R&D to to review. 


The use case and background will be very helpful in the review. 

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration