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I've contacted SAS support about being able to save the Location Pin created in editor mode as part of the report.

I was advised that such feature is available in SAS VA 8.4. I was informed as well that side loading multiple location pin is not possible. Such feature would be more useful if Location Pin information such as coordinates and selection (coverage) can be mapped from a data set. 

Having such feature will enable reports to show information such as current/future shop location, which can identify coverage based on customer location. I can also be useful industries that does cell site deployment, power grid coverage, and emergency services support coverage. It will make such function more dynamic instead of manually placing location pins.

I hope it can be added as patch for 8.4.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi @johnfrytz, thanks for your idea! The ability to import custom points of interest into a map is a capability for which we're considering the best approach to implement.