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A lot a usable space is lost on the SAS Logon Manager web page. I find it useful to reuse part of it 

in order to display Important/Urgent messages to the incoming users :


for example, maintenance scheduled with outage at < day, time> , system operation scheduled at etc.


I know it's not officially permitted but I have already modified the Logon HTML code , inside the deployed hierarchy of SAS Web App Server to allow this. It worked fine altough the content update process was risky and required editing manually a file on the midtier machine ...


Wouldn't it be nice to allow this kind of feature to SAS 9.4 admins, using an update channel well-devised and somewhat easy to use (for instance, a Stored Process with text fields and some little typographical enrichments to be selected optionally like Red colored text, bold font etc.) ? This would replicate the Message Of The Day (motd) broadcasting feature known for a long time on Unix systems or SAS-wise the (little-known) NEWS system option.


To illustrate my point, I've taken the liberty to take a caption of such a Logon modified page (courtesy of SAS Institute ; ) 


See picture above.


Thanks for considering this idea !




PS I've tagged this idea with SAS Studio even though it's broader actually

SAS Employee

SAS Logon Manager provides for custom sign-in, sign-out, and time-out messages as described SAS® 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Middle-Tier Administration Guide here:


Customizing Sign-in, Sign-out, and Time-out Messages


Does the custom sign-in message meet the need you are describing? Or are you asking for something else?


@BrianPerkinson: That feature is useful for displaying static content, but not for announcing server maintenance, because of "Step 3: Rebuild and Redeploy SAS Web Infrastructure Platform". I am not an jsp-expert, but could a message be loaded by the jsp from a textfile placed outside the web-application?

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

@BrianPerkinson Thank you, sorry for following up so late.


Not exactly, as @andreas_lds noticed, the sign-in/sign-out message are missing the target, so to speak. I need a quick & easy way to publish (edit, modify, remove) short announcements on the signon page. A sort of specific portlet, editable only by admins (using a SAS EV Manager plug-in , for instance). 



SAS Employee

Thanks @andreas_lds and @ronan for the clarifications. I'll pass your suggestions along to our product management and R&D teams. 

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @BrianPerkinson@ronan@andreas_lds,


I join to this request. For 9.4 and for SAS Viya Logons.


I think the customized message is not enough, as per several customers are requesting me. But possibility for placing a full html, customized, that can iframe the bits that SAS engine requires (the form).