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In previous versions of Enterprise Guide, we were able to split our workspace horizontally or vertically (similar to EG 8.2). However, we were also able to set which is the primary window where any programs/datasets that open will be displayed. In complex EG projects where there are multiple Process Flows and within each flow, multiple programs and outputs, navigating them was extremely easy in EG 7 and below. I can double-click on any Process Flows and it will replace the previously opened Process Flow on the top horizontal workspace. I can then proceed to go through various programs/data sets in the Process Flow and these will open in the workspace below which is defined as the primary workspace. Everything makes sense.


Now in EG 8.1 and above, Process Flows are opened in the same workspace as programs. A new program will cover up the Process Flow and I will have to select the flow again to navigate around. I then try to set up a split horizontal tab. Unfortunately, every time I open a program or data set, it ONLY opens in the first horizontal tab. I then have to manually move it to the bottom tab. This is extremely counter-intuitive. The Process Flow should drive the navigation and have a dedicated window for them. 


Furthermore, SAS Programs now default to a horizontal/vertical split of Code (top/left) and Log/Result/Output Data (bottom/right). This view barely works when you only have a single workspace. If you have a horizontal split, opening a program results in 3 horizontal splits! You barely have space for anything. When I am writing hundreds of lines of code, I want full visibility of my code. I don't care about my Logs until I run my code. Previous versions of EG worked very well. Now I have to manually move the Code tab down to the Log/Result/Output data tab. But if I open another program, it gives me the same view yet again! Extremely frustrating trying to do proper programming work in this new interface. 


I suspect EG 8 will forever be in the same category as Windows 8 in my mind. If the original interface was not broken, don't try to fix it!


Personally I find the EG 8 interface more flexible. Instead of being limited to having two process flows or programs open at a time in the top-bottom or side-by-side work spaces you can have as many open as you like in tabs. If you have multiple screens, are you aware you can move EG windows between screens so you can compare two programs, process flows or tables at the same time?

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@SASKiwi thanks for your input and yes I am aware that you can float windows. I've never had to compare process flows and if I do need to compare programs I usually open 2 EG sessions and that works brilliantly. I see these flexi features as nice to have but not at the expense of destroying the usability of the application. Try navigating through a project with 10 process flows and in each flow 3-4 programs with 10 outputs. Process flow window should have the option of its dedicated space and always visible. Not hidden under 50 open tabs. This interface is just way too cluttered.


@dylanleong78  - I only work with programs so I don't run into the process flow issues you have. The tabbing paradigm is very similar to the legacy SAS Windowing System where there you are just developing programs, not process flows. BTW, given EG doesn't work with Viya 4 and SAS Studio becomes your only programming interface, I'm not sure EG has a long term future.  

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We thank you for your suggestion on navigating windows.   The updated interface was designed to give users more flexible space in which to control the window layouts.   

You can easily create the horizontal split windows by selecting the program window you wish to move down and start to drag it.  When the navigation position icon and select the bottom rectangle to place that window at the bottom.   


Once you have the program, if you open a second program window, it will open again on top of the process flow.  To move it to the bottom window, right click on the tab for the program2, and select Move to Next Tab Group.   This will move the program to align with the first program.

You also have the ability to float any window, so you can place them anywhere you would like.  


Documentation for Navigation can be found in the section Customizing the Navigation Area in the link below:


You are always welcome to contact Technical Support if you have further issues with window navigation