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    As a SAS Studio user, I want SAS to provide an update to SAS Studio that will make the browser provide notification when a job is complete. This feature is needed to improve the user experience for the SAS Studio product.



Many times we must run programs or projects which take a considerable amount of time to complete. Due to unknowns such as server and database usage, the job may take much longer or shorter. Since SAS Studio does not provide visual feedback on the task bar, the only way to check if anything has changed, is to open the Studio window and visually inspect if it is still running. Many windows applications (including web-apps) provide a blink or highlighting feature on the task bar for the application to indicate something has changed in the application or some input is needed. I would like Studio to implement this sort of 'blink' effect when a job or project run has been completed.


We are currently on 9.4m6, Studio 3.8. 

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Calcite | Level 5

Another nice addition would be to have the browser tab reflect the current program name from the editor.