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This applies to all versions of SAS (at least back to version 6 and up to 9.4!) and, as far as I know, all operating systems. I am using 9.4 on Windows 10.


Often, with paired data, one variable is a later version of the other.  So you might have, e.g. test1 and test2, where there is training in between.


If you run:

title "Paired t tests";
proc ttest data = DSNAME;
 paired test1*test2;

then you get (among other output), the mean and sd and t test and so on of test1 - test2.  This is backwards of the way I think (and I think I am usual). What you want is test2 - test1, so that a positive value means it went up.


But you also get a graph called "paired profiles" which has test1 on the left and test2 on the right - which makes sense.


There should be an option to change this so that the output makes more sense.


(Yes, I know it's easy to just change the sign for the results, but .... we shouldn't have to do that!)


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But you could use


paired test2*test1;
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But then the graph is wrong, showing test2 on the left and test1 on the right.