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We use a SAS Grid which we access the workspace servers through EG or SAS Studio. We can access the ODS Graphics Designer through both of these environments but it opens a new workspace session on a grid node. This means that any librefs I've defined in my EG session are not passed through the ODSGD. This means that we're stuck with the datasets that SAS supplies with the SAS installation (SASHELP, etc.).


What we really need is for the Graphics Designer session to be part of EG or SAS Studio when installed as part of a Grid environment. In our previous SAS environment we used DMS and this interacted with the Graphics Designer so that we had access to librefs defined in our SAS session.

Quartz | Level 8

Hi. I raised this 2 years ago and have not received any feedback on it. It really would be great if this application was baked into EG (or even Studio at a push) so that we could build graphics using a full-featured GUI based on the data I have in my session rather than opening a completely new session.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Planned

There are no additional features planned for the ODS Graphics Designer application. I think we could brainstorm some workarounds, perhaps trying to leverage the LIBRARY library to map to a shared data location, but I would understand if you feel these fall short.