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I would love to see more resources be made available for new users to learn and easily appreciate the power of SAS Programming. The current online learning in my opinion is limited and can be expanded

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Sample programs in the online help.

Sample programs all over the documentation.

Sample programs on the SAS website, this forum, SAS list.



What specific help are you concerned about?

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I think SAS would need a bit more detail of what else would you like to see. And if you post some details perhaps others can point you towards the list of available resources. 


Here's MY list of resources currently available, including videos, websites, blog posts and e-courses.


This is by no means exhaustive.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

@Reeza's list is great, as are the comments (I'm somewhat biased). The combination of documentation on and user-contributed content (in the form of conference papers, blogs, etc.) is fantastic. Add to that these Communities Forums, and you can't go wrong.


@UdayGuntupalli, do you mean the e-learning trainings? I found them a great way to learn the basics. Afterwards, conference/user group papers are fantastic for learning specific topics, and the Forums are great for further questions. If you have suggestions or errors on the e-learning modules, I would not hesitate to reach out to SAS support. I did when I went through the video lessons, and they were very responsive.