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Here is a log extract from SAS 9.4 (it has been the same for years):


NOTE: Libref SCOUT was successfully assigned as follows:

Engine: ODBC

Physical Name:

7 libname scout clear;

NOTE: Libref SCOUT has been deassigned.


If you look in the Explorer of Display Manager you use File > New to connect a library and right-click Delete to disconnect it.


If you look in the help for LIBNAME (9.4) you see:

Associates or disassociates a SAS library with a libref (a shortcut name), ...


So, we have assign/deassign, new/delete, associate/disassociate and clear. We also have LIBNAME and LIBREF. Does anyone else find this a confusing mess? What chance do SAS beginners have?


New and Delete are completely wrong: the underlying files or data are not created or destroyed.


Please could we have one pair of terms? I suggest connect and disconnect. That would be consistent with much database use.

Super User

A LIBREF is an object created by a LIBNAME statement, so this distinction is valid.


For the rest, I would prefer assign/deassign.

Super User

You may need to be a bit more explicit about where you are getting that note for "associates:

From my SAS 9.4 documentation as internally in the documentation there are differences

LIBNAME Statement: z/OS

Assigns a SAS libref and an engine to a SAS library.


LIBNAME Statement

Associates or disassociates a SAS library with a libref (a shortcut name), clears one or all librefs, lists the characteristics of a SAS library, concatenates SAS libraries, or concatenates SAS catalogs.



I added emphasis on "clears" above because the words you are concerned with occur in a single paragraph.


The command LIBNAME opens a window of the same name