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We already use HPGLM node in our SAS Enterprise Miner (SAS E.M.) 15.1 to develop our price and fraud models.
And they work on SAS E.M.
But, to score them in our production environment, we use JAVA (our environments are FICO Blaze).
Recently, we had problems in this exported code.
We reach your Technical support team (track 7613643392) and they can't help us.
Their answer was: SAS doesn't support this export (Java score code) in this Node (HPGLM).
It doesn't sound good to me. Usually, if one node contains this option (the export option is there).
Further, we have many models in HPGLM using this score exported to Java and they are working o.k. 93% of our models work with this option (only 2 fails on almost 30 models).
And, We know how it should be corrected (we send all files through the Support track). It seems that it would be one simple change on the generated java code. The variable initialization. Just one row of code.
For us, as customer, it seems that it would be simple to SAS to correct this code and make HPGLM node supportable by Java export code.
And it would be great!
As we have many models and many of them in HPGLM node, if it wouldn't be corrected (and with support for this node and this score export task) we will leave our SAS E.M. usage (for all of our Modeling tasks) to addopt other tool where we can use multivariate model and export to Java.