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Please enhance / fix the Stored Process Prompts especially when there are dependencies between the prompts.  Our team have raised multiple issues with SAS Support about prompts not displaying default values (even when the default values are checked) or unwanted "warning" messages that confuse our users who think an error is happening.  We need more control over the look and feel of the interface or else we would like SAS to improve it.  We are not interested to migrate all our Portal reports to SAS VIYA.  Thank you.

SAS Employee


Thank you for your post regarding SAS Stored Process prompts.  We currently have no plans to make enhancements to the SAS 9.4 prompt interface for stored processes. We will, however, make critical fixes when deemed necessary.  If the SAS-supplied prompt interface does not meet your needs "as-is", then you can create a custom HTML input form for your stored process(es) that provides the desired functionality. As an example, each of the SAS Stored Process sample programs uses a basic custom input form.  For more information, review the "Custom Input Form" and "Specifying Custom Input Forms" sections of the SAS Stored Process Developers Guide. 


SAS Employee
Status changed to: Not Planned