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We license the Field Quality Analytics solution and we routinely experience users that don't know the difference between unadjusted, adjusted, and extrapolated, especially when combined with minimum/maximum exposure, and the minimum sample size parameters.  This leads to different users doing things differently, sometimes unknowingly.  This presents problems when communicating the data with others, because the settings can drive very different results and cause confusion.


I'd like the ability to control at an individual user level what capabilities they are allowed/not allowed to leverage within FQA.

For example: If I don't want a set of users able to use FQA's "extrapolation" or "adjusted" methods, then I want to be able to put them in a security group that provides them with the full suite of FQA, but only allows them to run an unadjusted analysis.  


This request is for more than just that field, it would be nice to have all of this dynamically adjustable per our needs.  This would allow us to control what users can do in the software more until they meet certain milestones or criteria that gives us confidence they know how to use the software with the additional settings.

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SAS Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Deven - thank you for this idea.  It is being considered as a new feature for a future release