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Please, allow sorting of nodes when editing Ordered List.  


Like a throwback to when I use to type line numbers in BASIC code when I was a teenager, I have developed this system of numbering my project's nodes in Enterprise Guide.  When I'm creating a new Ordered List and I'm adding the first nodes to it, I can easily "Add" and then sort the nodes, named and numbered as such (see illustration), that are shown in the "Select" dialog (the dialog presented after pressing "Add") which allows me to avoid having to use the Up and Down buttons repetitively to orient the individual nodes in the Ordered List.  But when I want to add nodes afterwards, the way it stands, I have to either 1) remove all the nodes in the ordered lists and "re-Add" them (add and sort using the select dialog) or 2) add the single node and resort to the use of using Up and Down buttons repetitively.  




I understand that it would be horrible if someone opened an Ordered List and then accidently sorted their list in an undesirable orientation and then accidently saved it, and I can see that perhaps this reason is why the sorting ability was not added to this dialog's object list.  But then, maybe this its too much to ask for.  I'm throwing this idea out there.  Maybe it will be considered.