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I guess that there are many users who have to resort to using Excel or similar tools for data entry, as this is quite user-unfriendly to do in the current SAS frontends.


I therefore suggest creating a facility in Enterprise Guide and SAS Studio, similar to the old proc fsedit, for creating/editing SAS datasets.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I completely support Kurt's suggestion.


I have always felt that the absence of a facility like Proc FSEDIT or Proc FSBROWSE in SAS Enterprise Guide leaves it sadly lacking behind for those SAS users who a) have access to SAS/Display Manager and b) have licenced the SAS/FSP product.


Without exception, I find the row-wise view of a dataset to be very limiting in its functionality, especially now that SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1x has in explicably removed the Freeze Columns function, which was of some help.


I often want to look at my big wide datasets, one row at a time. Proc FSBROWSE does this brilliantly for me. I can scroll through the dataset, apply, concatenate and remove WHERE clauses and when I need to do a screenshot of a problematic row in a dataset in order to show someone, it is easy work.


Instead of having to contend with scrolling left and right with this dataset that has 38 columns, but only 14 of which are visible at one time, like this:



I would really like my users to be able to browse and/or edit the dataset like this:


Here they can see all of the 38 columns for a given record. If they want to look at a row-wise view, they have that facility too, but the key thing is that they have a choice.


I believe both SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Studio should provide these two ways of viewing a SAS dataset.




Downunder Dave.


Calcite | Level 5

I agree with Dave.

In SAS Studio - If you can't show a row in a FSBROWSE-way is there a way to tell the viewer to show as many columns as possible?

I have tried with length and format statements, but still I use a lot of time customizing the view 


Best regards


Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I would love to think that after more than 3 years, this idea might get  a bit of SAS R&D attention. Datasets are not getting smaller and the number of variables in datasets is only growing. Having the option to view a dataset in multi-row or single row makes a lot of sense. Even Microsoft Excel lets the user choose which way to view a dataset, and that really is saying something.


Downunder Dave.

New Zealand