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SAS Studio beginning in version 3.4 now allows to create visual  Process Flows, like SAS Enterprise Guide. The Process flows are stored into a *.CPF file based on Apache VTL (Velocity Template Language) - it seems. On the other hand, SAS EG flows are stored into a proprietary Zip archive called Project file (*.EGP file) internally using XML for flow description.


At this point, there is no automatic conversion tool available between SAS EG *.EGP format flows and SAS Studio *.CPF flows. It would be definitively useful to provide one to the users or to the admins. Even partial conversion would be fine, taking into account differences between the to clients. Re-creating manually SAS EG jobs into SAS Studio would be time-consuming, costly and error prone.


As a side note, SCAPROC Procedure (the engine running the SAS EG Code analyser feature) has no 'reverse' capacity enabling a SAS EG process flow to be converted back into some Universal and/or portable description code (XML, VTL etc.). It can ony convert user-written code into SAS EG Flows. SAS Studio Process flow designer has neither capacity, for the moment.

Fluorite | Level 6

Agreed. There really should be a conversion or replication tool available. Rolling out EG client updates is a considerable chore in a corporate IT environment wheras Studio updates can be deplolyed centrally.


The 3.4 update makes Studio a much more useful product to our anlyst population but our legacy code base is almost exclusively in EG project files.

SAS Employee

Cross linking this idea with the discussion at Enterprise Guide - SAS Studio interoperability .  Sorry I didn't see this earlier and instead posted to the later discussion.  

Amethyst | Level 16

I think that would be a great tool. I find SAS Studio most insteresting, and I heard many people very interested about its usage, but concerned about to manually re-create all the current projects (EGP) to Studio flows.

SAS Employee

We now have an experimental feature in SAS Studio to read EG projects - see this community post for the details.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Thanks a lot @AmyP_sas, I have just seen today this new feature. 🙂 This is a welcome addition to SAS Studio and I appreciate SAS R&D helpful feedback in this regard, this is very obliging. 

Community Manager

For others: You can watch a video of our SAS Studio developer giving a demo!  It's a cool feature with a lot of promise to make SAS Studio users and EG users more productive.