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I work with a clinical trials group that is required to provide our funding agency and most of the journals that publish our results with either a CONSORT or a STAR-D Flowchart. Examples of such flowcharts can be found at and I end up having to produce these flowcharts over and over for each study, as we often do interim analyses and begin our final analyses before all the data has been received.


The flowcharts usually have a design that can be fixed early in the coding process, but the numbers in each cell of the flowchart changes as the analysis set is finalized.


Below is one example I found through a google search. It is quite typical of the flowcharts I need to create:

Image result for STAR-D flowchart gatsonis

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Is this a question? You've posted it as a 'library' reference instead. If it's a question there are ways to create automated CONSORT diagrams, several are outlined in the papers here: