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The SASGSUB facility is used to submit batch jobs to a SAS grid. Currently, the SAS job is immediatly dispatched for execution. 


An option with SASGSUB that specifies a date and time when the job is dispatched for execution could be added   Such an option does exist with Platform Computing’s bsub command (the -b option) and it matches exactly the requirements of this idea.


Cron could be used as an alternative but it is not an integrated solution. With the –b option, a job becomes a recognized Grid job as soon as it is scheduled. Hence, when you run the bjobs command, you will see all the jobs that have been scheduled for execution along with their assigned jobid. A scheduled job can also be cancelled with the bkill command.


This idea does not propose to replace Platform Process Manager (PM) since it should continue to be used for scheduling complex production jobs. But it rather introduces a simple and straightforward way to schedule a single batch job in an "adhoc" fashion.

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Obsidian | Level 7



We are also looking for the same functionality to execute jobs  over night to GRID environment using SASGSUB. We recently installed and configured SASGSUB. Now users wants to run their sas jobs via SASGSUB it would be great if you have any thoughts on this.