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I'd like to see an option added to PROC PRINT that would print to the SAS log the total number of observations in the SAS dataset before filtering.  This information could easily be queried from DICTIONARY.TABLES and echoed to the SAS log.


For example:



proc print data=younameit (obs=7) totobs;
   title 'younameit';

NOTE: There were 7 of 34417 observations read from the data set YOUNAMEIT.
NOTE: PROCEDURE PRINT used (Total process time):
      real time           0.06 seconds
      cpu time            0.07 seconds





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Meteorite | Level 14



This is a good idea. But if the dataset is not SAS native (resides somewhere in a database) there will be no counts in the Dictionary tables for those and it's not be a big deal to find counts for those tables, if it requires to be added to log. We never know how large the tables in the database are, if there are very large then it might add little resource and time to get the counts for those tables even if just reading single record.