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If i want to download a file from my SAS Studio work folder, the path is often something long and complicated such as:




A path like this is difficult to locate among other work folders... a method to jump to a path in the file browser would help (we could at least copy/paste the path that way.  Or a method to jump to the work folder in the file browser would also be welcome.

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SAS Employee

I need to get some additional information from you regarding your suggestion.  Please send an email to with the subject of 7612629160.  Please include in your email the following:


Go to the '?' in the SAS Studio top right corner. Select About SAS Studio.  Please send me a screen shot of the information that is displayed.


Are you referring to the Work Folder or Directory?  There is a WORK libname for holding data, is this what you are referring to?  It is not expected that other files will be stored in this location as it varies between sessions. You cannot define a folder shortcut to the WORK libname because it changes each session.


Thanks for the further clarification.